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Intimate Wash

Fights Odour

Maintain PH Balance



Ingredients of Aloe Vera & Tea Tree. Aloe Vera is a plant with Cooling & Moisturizing properties. It fights irritation & keeps your skin clear and moisturized. Tea Tree has antiseptic properties & promotes healthy skin by reducing itching and irritation.

Removes Odor

Removes Itching

Our foam-based wash is specially curated for your intimate area. It’s gentle enough for daily use. Intimate care requires as much attention as your face especially if you like to get down and dirty. It washes off the residue from condoms, lubricants, or other kinky things you’re into.

Being clean around your intimate area will protect you from infections.

Intimate hygiene

Washes off residuals from Condoms and Lubricants.

Toxic Free Products



Shower Gel


The Karissa SkinCare natural intimate hygiene wash is designed to meet the needs of your intimate parts gently. With the goodness of real exotic oils and skin purifiers, it takes utmost care of your intimate area and adds a pleasant feeling of purity, health, and freshness throughout the day.


This intimate hygiene wash helps cleanse the intimate area in a gentle manner and in the endeavor helps lighten your intimate parts.


The major advantage of this ' Intimate Hygiene Wash’ is the fact that it does not contain any kind of harful chemicals, harsh metals, , any kind of synthetic or other additives for the matter.

Chemical Free

Karissa Men Intimate Hygiene Care Wash is made for men to fight irritation, itching & remove unwanted bad odor. No side effect, because it is made of natural ingredients, there is no paraben & no sulfate or harmful chemicals. This wash provides a cooling effect in the intimate area & it helps you get rid of the unwanted odor and stay fresh all day long.

Product Description:

Men's Intimate Wash by Karissakart, complete hygiene care that keeps male privates, clean and fresh. It relieves skin inflammation from the susceptible humid regions, and its sensitive foam cleans residual left behind by condoms and lubricants.


Step 1 - Wet intimate area with clean water |

Step 2 - Press the nozzle of the bottle to get rich foam |

Step 3 - Gently apply, rub and circulate was onto the skin and leave on for 25 to 45 seconds |

Step 4 - Rinse thoroughly with clean water

Karissa Men's Intimate Wash 150ml

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